Magical Creatures Catalog


Griffin  Ltd.

289567, Rino ave.

Bristol, Gloucestershire


Rubius Hagrid

c\o Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry

859760  Highland, Scotland


Dear Rubius:

We have excellent choices for shipping, as in, post owl services, and shipping by flue powder!!  If you need another phone, we can’t help you.  If you need som new groceries, we can’t help you.  if        you need  a new computer, we can’t help you.  If you need some magical creatures, however, we can help you.   See us at, WWW.GRIFFICORN.COM.  Your best choise for a magical creature store would be us.  Why?  Well… let me make this crystal clear.  We have super-duper low prices, as in: $10.00 for freshly caught Cornish Pixies.   You need griffins? pick us.  in fact, we even have been picked for the best magical creature website by the Wizengomot!  People who respond to this letter in ten days will get one and one only free griffin with their purchase.

So, come on and buy some stuff that we have!  Satisfaction guaranteed. I repeat, guaranteed!! If not satisfied, money will be refunded.  Order NOW!!

Best Regards, Williamus, Griffin Magical Creatures.

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