Sanibel Vacation 2

Mom had another conference and meeting in Ft. Myers, and so we had fun at the best hotel.  In room number 302 there was a trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. They had the movie on pay-per-view, and even a Nintendo Game Cube, my dream!! But unfortnatly we had to move to another hotel, which was horrible, and smelly. Yuk! But look at the bright side, I mean,  we were on the beach!! And even more bad news, there was red tide. waaaaaah!! But I still got to explore  the sea! yay!! And guess what! Best of all, on my way back home, I got to go to a beach that didn’t have red tide!! Oh! And I even went to the Koreshan  State Historic Site!  The Koreshans believed that the earth was a hollow ball and the sun and stars where part of a circular ball and was in side of the earth, and that we lived on the inside of the earth, not the outside.   Here are some of the  shells that I found: the Letterd Olive, the Shark Eye, the  Maculated ear moon, and Coquina.


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