Great Composers

Let’s start with(in my opinun) the most popular musical genius who ever lived, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!!  Living in the classical peroid, he was a composer since the age of five.  Before him, all of the composers would compose dark, frightening, minor-keyed music.  His music, however, was usually very up-lifting and magor-keyed. Many, many, many, many people where jealous of his abilatys, for he could play with a cloth over the keybord, blindfolded and with his hands crossed.

Now lets do Beethoven.  his date of birth was 1769.  Grandson of the musician Lodewijk van beethoveen, he was named after his grand father, as for lodewijk is the dutch counterpart of ludwig. There are 180 musial pieces compoesd by him.  His pecies were complex, for they can be in minor then major key in the same piece.  He also composed music after he had gone completly deaf! He also was a pianist and a violist, and was the father of the classical period.  One of his great works was ode to joy, wich later became a hymn.


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