Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was a painter, a different painter. He used pointillism. But most of all, he had mastered the language of color and made his art very attractive just by using patterns. He also used his odd but significant sayings as in: object in the panting is an actor in a play. Most of all, he used color tricks as in putting colors that are complementary on the color wheel in one of his clever patterns together, or in patterns that were next to each other. Some of his favorite props where: a chinese vase, flowers, and a women in fine, white-striped purple robes. Matisse’s art was inspired by others, and since he bought all of his favorites, he was sick in debt! He also owned a dog. His art could be very life-like, and very, very unlife-like. here is my try to become Matisse.
Matisse-Inspired Art


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