The Privliges of Technology

So, first I thought that  I’d introduce you to what I mean by “privileges of technology.”  Well, I love having been born in the 21st  century, and its a pleasure having all this technology. The new iPad is just a pleasure! But poor Dad was born in the 20th Century.  In the 21st Century, we have digital cameras, computers, iPods, iPod touches, and even the new iPad!!!  You see, for me, technology is a step closer to paradise.  It’s hard to believe that every single new device that Apple makes is one step closer to true paradise, entertainment, and even to completing every human chore!
iPad App. Workd Atlas - National Geographic

I type instead of write, I email instead of mail, and I order stuff online instead of driving to the store and back.  say I really really need to calculate some thing, but I only have my iPod(or iPad), I can just go to the App store and buy the calculator app.  Paradise!!


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