Aidan Dwyer : A Big Mistake? He’s Still Cool.

Aidan Dwyer is not someone you see every day.  He’s an innovator, an engineer, and a 13 year old. The reason he is so “cool” is because he engineered a way to mount solar panels to make them more efficient.  He has made the first “solar tree“.  “his parents had been hoping to install solar panels on their Long Island house,” said the Wall Street Journal, “but their yard was too small and their roof wasn’t suitable”.   However, there was room enough for a tree.  Aidan figured out that if you imitated a tree branch sequence using the Fibbonacci series, you could collect light much more efficiently.  He had perhaps made history – and one big mistake.  When he was proving his hypothesis he measured the wrong thing.  He was supposed to be calculating power, but he was recording voltage.  This has started a serious debate on the internet – in some cases even flamewars!  Aidan says he has been working on this problem and believes that he may have found the solution by measuring the right thing, power.  Luckily, the solar tree is still preforming better than standard solar panels.

A message for Aidan : keep on goin’!


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