Lord of the Flies : A Book Review

It is no ordinary book.  It isn’t a book for beginners.  Lord of the Flies is a book about human nature, and the potential for both good, and evil inside us.  The book starts when a group         of english school boys are being evacuated because of a nuclear war and their plane is shot down.  Their plane crashes on a tropical island, a Paradise if you will.  A paradise where there are no grownups, teachers, bullies.  A paradise where they can play without supervision until they are rescued.  But will They be rescued?  That is where an older boy named Ralph is elected leader of the boys.  But when Ralph is elected chief, and starts giving out orders to make a signal fire, another boy named Jack gets more and more jealous of Ralph.  Eventually Jack goes to the opposite end of the island, and forms his own tribe.  This “tribe” of Jack’s however becomes more and more cruel, and they start hunting the wild pigs that live on the island.  eventually two of the kids on the island are killed by Jack’s regime, and they try to kill Ralph.  The book is basically a response to another book called “The Coral Island, by R. M. Ballantyne which is in a similar setting, except in that book the school boys did the right thing.  The book Lord of the Flies is a response saying : no, man is not inherently good, man is inherently evil.  Two other very important characters in the book are Simon and Piggy.  Simon represents goodness, and is in some ways a prophet, and Piggy represents reason, and intellect.  Jack represents the potential for evil inside us, and ralph represents democracy.  Some of the important themes in this book are : good vs evil, betrayal, and loss of innocence.   This book is an allegory, on one side it has a story, but on the other side there is a lesson about human nature.


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