Old Tech vs New Tech

Let me tell you a story…

a couple of months ago, I was going yard sale hunting when I came across an old rotary phone.  I immediately got very exited, since I had been wanting one for a long time.  I like old technology like this because it’s unusual.  This leads us to the subject of old tech vs new tech.  

Old tech                                                                 New tech

Large, loud, heavy                                                   Light, quiet, small

Old camera ran on film                                                  Digital camera has a Memory chip

Rotary phone could only call and receive calls          iPhone can do almost anything

Typewriters could only type                                     Computer can type and alot of other things

in other words, new technology has a lot of advantages over old technology, for example, :

The iPhone can go on the internet, watch videos, take pictures and videos and make calls.  a computer can do the same.  Digital cameras can take pictures and video, and the pictures don’t have to be developed.

Old technology had it’s limits, but without old technology, new technology would never exist.  After all, old technology inspired new technology.


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