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Now,  if you are reading this because this is telling you that this is the first book I wrote, get out now!  But if you are reading this because you want a continuation of the previous story “AGENTS: THE MADNESS OF DIRECTOR STAPLES” , you’re more than welcome to read it.  The same characters are in this story, plus some new ones.  for instance, Mary Tables.  The title of the book suggests that it is about “The Revenge of Evil”.  There is Agent One, Agent X, Narena, and many more!  The characters are: Agents 1 and 3, good friends, Agent  X, a fierce fighter, Narena, Supreme Director, Director J.Parsels, a faithful leader, Director .R. Staples, a  traitor for the W.P.A, and all those agents for the W.D.A too, and Igod Selan, the Assassin.  The book is an exciting continuation of the previous story.  Enjoy!



“I swear to God, you have to get up!  if you fall to sleep again, you’ll die!  that bullet was covered in POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  “WHAT!?!?!?!?!?”  said agent one and automatically opening his eyes, causing him to bolt upright, almost smacking his head on the machine that was right in front of him.  “Don’t do that! relax, just don’t fall asleep.”  “You’ll get a stroke if you do.”  “We can restore you in a couple of days,”  said the nurse grimly.  “Why look so sad? You can restore me, can’t you?”   “Well, Narena is getting worried, and she said she would sue me if I didn’t bring you back alive, which would really hurt my feelings.  And we can’t succeed in bringing back director Jon alive without our top agent, twenty times award winner in the Iraq war, succeeding in bringing back every injured person on our side alive!!”


Agent One was astounded to find that the cops where shooting at him.  He took out his gun and shot at the cop, not using his bullet but his grapple/identification tool.  It was a criminal!  He shot again, but this time using his bullets.  The criminal shot too, but only to find that his bullet exploded because his bullet hit Agent One’s.  The criminal’s gun caught fire, wich forced him to surrender it. Then the other criminal jumped forward out of his car, his machine gun spitting out bullets like an angry cat.  One bullet scraped Agent One’s cheek, knocking him unconscious.  One day later… “Agent One, wake up, wake up!” Agent One woke up, and fainted at the sight of being in the hospital.  “WAKE UUUUPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Agent One woke up again. ” You where in a coma when I took you here.  I got both criminals and took them to the jail myself when I saw you fall,”  said a very blurred Agent X.  Agent One sighed, and said, “let me rest.”


The crook was waiting for them!  They decided to face him. He was probably just trying to terrify them, but nope.  All of a sudden, the two agents swung the door open, bopping the man on the head.  Then Agent One got out his machine gun and shot at the criminal, but missed by a hair’s width.  Then suddenly Agent X kicked the man with his shoe and the man struggled to stay up.  Then, both agents punched the man in the face, ending his consciousness.  Then suddenly, Agent O ne retreated from his position, and said “call the cops!”  The cops came two minuets later, but then they both changed directions, and went for the shoot.


When agent one woke up, he heard the loudest most clattering mashing clashing noises he had ever heard in his life.  “What are you  doing?!?!?!!”  Asked agent one. “Trying to get you to  wwwwwwwwake uuuuuuuup!!!!!” Said agent x in disgust.  “And you wake up one hour after I smack you over the top of the head with an iron pan.  are you crazy??!!??!” “Okay, I’m sorry, just because youuuu didnt get your little way. Its not about you getting your way while you could be actually enjoying some breakfast, or helping us get rid of that little crook that tried to attack us yesterday. Now why aren’t you doing this stuff?!!?!!?!?!?!!?” asked agent one in disgust“Because its twelve o’clock noon!!!!!!!!!!!” At that, agent one stopped in his tracks.  “Listen, whats that noise?” And then they realised, the crook!


They dared not go outside the room for the rest of the day, for they feared that as soon as the door even budged, the criminal would be there, waiting for them.  “But that would just be craven!” They’d keep thinking. But they would always throw at them selves: “we dare not attempt to do that, for this is a hotel, not a battle field. Besides, we would get arrested, agent or not!” So they spent their time doing what was available to them.  They played video games, watched videos, movies, and played hide and seek.  And at dinner time, they where already ready for a good night sleep, but they reluctantly ate dinner. They where so tired that agent one didn’t even have time to get to his pillow in time and collapsed, asleep.  That night they had night mares about cowardly dogs, creeping up on them. Too much Ghostbusters, they thought.


Just calm down!  said agent one desperately.  “He’ll hear us!” Agent one tried to get over the howling fear of agent x, but just couldn’t.  They got into the room and were not surprised to hear the banging and clicking coming from the door.  He could hear the screaming frustration, if it was because of the police or not, he did not know.  Their room was so beautiful.  It had a chandelier, a beautiful hallway, numerous books and scrolls and even thirteen toy boxes!  The toys in them where so carefully handcrafted that they looked exactly like real things!  They wanted to live in it, but the lady said they where only allowed to stay in it for two days and two nights.