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Pretend you are a freedom rider, and turn on your little time machine and come with me to a period of segregation.  So now we are in Montgomery, Alabama in 1961.  The Greyhound bus is on fire, Freedom Riders face intense violence from racists. Why?  These people are being wrongly abused!  Black people are people just like everyone else!  The Freedom Riders goal was to test the law that African-Americans can use the same bathrooms, restaurants, bus seats, hotels, and waiting rooms as white people.  What reason is there to hate them?  They symbolize change! Is that what we hate?  There is no reason to hate change, change is a good thing.  Good things came from desegregation, like socialization and freedom.  The Freedom Rides lasted from 1961 to 1965.  The  first group of riders started at Washington, D.C., went through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and then finally New Orleans.  But there where dozens and dozens of other groups that went everywhere around the south. In 1961 the I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission)  finally ended segregation on busses and at bus stations.  Then, in 1963, president John.F.Kennedy gave a speech to Congress to outlaw Jim Crow laws.  So now, turn the coordinates on your time machine to 5-17-11.  How do you feel?  Sad? Mad?  Good?

The freedom rides are over, but their legacy lives on.


The Inauguration And Beyond

The Inauguration was historic. It was the first African American president. The Inauguration was boring. It was boring because there were too many speeches and other things. it would be better if it had balloons, jets, fireworks and a movie. I would tell President Obama to drop the oil prices first. You would be able to get the money from the failed banks and use it to pay for the solor panels. I would also tell him to give every one a (plug in) or a (hybrid). The other thing I would telll him to do is put solor panels on every one’s roof top. The inauguration was boring, but Obama is interesting.