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The Hacker Space That all the Other Ones Call “Sir”

My first words When I saw the hackerspace at FamiLAB were :  O.  M.  G!  It was in a huge warehouse.  Not only that, it was full of 3D Printers, breadboards, circuit boards digitizers, computers, remote controllers, batteries, cameras, motion detectors, lights, microcontroller, processors, and just about anything else you can think of.  I attended an Arduino class.  An Arduino is a microprocessor that you can program to do just about anything.  A hackerspace is a place where you can take something electronic, and re-program it and maybe even rebuild it!  And a hackerspace is probably the best place to learn about Arduino.  I learned how to program an Arduino, and how to set up a circuit using a breadboard hooked up to the Arduino.  I learned how to controll an LED light to make it flicker on and off, I learned how to controll it’s brightness, and I even learned how to control it with a button!    This is a very inspiring, and amazing place, I can’t wait to go back there.


Liar Liar

Well… it’s a merry day isn’t it? Everyone is in the mood for a funny movie, aren’t you? So that means you’re in the mood for Liar Liar! A couple of Jim Carey’s lines will get you laughing your head red! Like, “Whatever takes the focus Of your head.”, or “I love my son!”. There are also some other funny scenes. Ohhhhh… and since your probably wondering, this movie is about a father that lies to his son about everything. The son gets mad and makes a birthday wish that his father cannot lie for one day. This almost ruins his dad’s life (being a lawyer), but in the end… well… you will see what happens when you watch the movie.

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funny dream (note$). : )

I had a really funny dream once. Well… It uh, went a little like this……………

This girl (my friend) invited me to her school party, and I came. So I was having an enormous amount of fun, when I had to go to the bathroom. So when Sidney (the girl) shoed me the bathroom, it had no roof!!!! So I was on the toilet when a girl who was jumping on a trampoline saw me in my underwear! :() when I saw it, I screamed “don’t look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” that was it.

Sanibel Vacation 2

Mom had another conference and meeting in Ft. Myers, and so we had fun at the best hotel.  In room number 302 there was a trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. They had the movie on pay-per-view, and even a Nintendo Game Cube, my dream!! But unfortnatly we had to move to another hotel, which was horrible, and smelly. Yuk! But look at the bright side, I mean,  we were on the beach!! And even more bad news, there was red tide. waaaaaah!! But I still got to explore  the sea! yay!! And guess what! Best of all, on my way back home, I got to go to a beach that didn’t have red tide!! Oh! And I even went to the Koreshan  State Historic Site!  The Koreshans believed that the earth was a hollow ball and the sun and stars where part of a circular ball and was in side of the earth, and that we lived on the inside of the earth, not the outside.   Here are some of the  shells that I found: the Letterd Olive, the Shark Eye, the  Maculated ear moon, and Coquina.

My Sanibel vacation

Sanibel Sunset
At my Sanibel vacation,

  1. I caught my first fish. It was a Spanish Mackerel. It tasted terrific!!
  2. Swimming at the beach.
  3. I watched the sunset on the beach.

The thing that I liked the best was swimming with Dad.

I wrote a haiku to express my thoughts about Sanibel.

Sanibel Haiku

sanibel is fun

I love the warm gulf water

I hope to come back.

If I Were a Piece of Grass

If I were a piece of grass, I would be a thin slit sittin’.
Bunny at the cabin

Rocket Ka Boom!!!

2009 Model Rocket Launch on the launch pad
Today we launched a model Rocket. One second the Rocket is on the launch pad, next second it’s gone up in the air. It went 500 Ft.!! My heart was pumping when it happened. The sound the rocket made when it went up was so unexpected. It had parachute recovery. But before I launched the rocket I had to build it.