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Harry and I were in the forest to begin with. suddenly a sleek black figure appeared. As soon as we saw the figure we saw a man right beside the figure. That is when we realized that the figure was Voldemort! Then we ran as fast as we could toward the school. when we got to the teacher’s dormitories they were empty. We saw some ancient writing on the wall. It was the code of the Golden Keys. It said:^#%&%$##&^^%%&$&$^*&%&^%%^*&%$^*%&%^&1. %^^%$^#%%$^#. We herd a roar, it was the rian. we heard someone burning a message. It was malfoy. We put him in detention and went to bed.

Harry Potter

I watched the 1st movie of Harry Potter. I am also reading the 1st book. The Ollivanders part is where Harry got his wand. That part is funny. The book is almost identicle to the move.