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Want to solve a cool math problem?  Well, if you do, you’ve come to the right entry in the right blog.  So, lets solve this, uh, well, cool math problem.  anyway, lets solve the cool problem, 9,000 x 100!  (Well, uh, that  must  equal, uh, a, well, pretty big number). Anyway, lets solve it!










Well, let me tell you the steps, 1.) write the problem, (of course.)  2.) 0 x 0 is, 0 (as you know.) Multiply each zero and one by the numbers above.  3.) Add a  nine at the  beginning of the  last  3 zeros.  4.) Add the numbers together.  (What do you get?)  What you should get  is:900,000.   Oh! and there’s a really, really cool shortcut through the problem! What  is  3 zeros +  2 zeros?  5 zeros.  Just  add  a 9 at the beginning.  Tada!  Your answer!



The Math In music

I composed a piece of music for the violin that could be played forwards and backwards.  This is called symmetry.  What inspired me?  I heard about a  piece  by J.S Bach called the Crab Canon.    One of the things  that  is  symmetrical  is  a  circle.


On XLOGO, I made an equilateral triangle and a square. I rote down some facts about them to help me. I used the XLOGO programing comands to draw them on the screen.