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J. Becker

J. Becker was an organist teacher who studied with J.S. Bach. His first name was Johann. He wrote mostly church music.


2010 Spring Recital

I’ve completed my third recital and I did my best.  I played a fairly complicated piece of music, I worked hard to get to my level of playing.  Okay, let’s get into some detail here.  I played a song called Minuet, by J.S.Bach.   I prepared with LOTS AND LOTS AND LLLOOOTTTSSS OF PRACTICE! I prepared for my audition, which helped me prepare for my recital, and it played off.  So I worked hard, had a positive attitude, and what happened?  Success!


Hard Work+Positive Attitude=SUCCESS

I was four-and-a-half years old when I started karate, and six years old when I started playing in the Patel Orchestra.  In karate, I’ve just earned my black belt, and in orchestra, I’ve auditioned for the String Symphonia Orchestra.

I have applied positive attitude to my orchestra. Teamwork in the orchestra is like someone offering a present with a bazooka at your head! you have friends and enemies, but no matter what, you have to work together, or else!  I have friends and enemys, but sometimes, I find myself helping my enemys to find the audition room or telling them about the audition schedule.  There is also performing.  you have to be way more careful than when you practice.  You have an audience, and you have to do the routine much more carefully than you did it in the rehearsal.  You have to watch the conductor, know your part, and tune properly.  Performing in the orchestra takes a lot more than knowing how to play the instrument.

Karate takes a LOT more self-discipline than you might think.  In fact, half of karate is self- discipline!   Self-discipline is also a sign of respect.  Karate always begins and ends with respect.  Respect always serves you and everyone well.  If you respect someone else, they will give you respect back (that is, if they are not evil or mean).

These are examples and proof of this post’s title: hard work and positive attitude=SUCCESS!  (almost like 50+50=100,)  except you need a goal to get anywhere.  In both subjects, I helped people out, gave them tips, helped them focus and even set an example.

The orchestra

It was brill-iant!  The Carol Morsani Hall!! I was preforming in the middle of the Preforming Arts Center!! And first chair in the second violins!!  whoa!!  it was awsome!!

I was playing three pieces, Go For Baroque, La Rejouissance, and RHUMBOLERO.  our orchestra(acording to my hearing) got the biggest applause of all four orchestras: consert strings,(that’s us,) string simphonia, junior philharmonic, and finally, Patel Conservatory Youth Orcherestera.  I wasn’t nervous at all, until I realized that I forgot to put my bowtie back on!! Not only nervous was I, but embarrassed. after the performance,  me and my fellow orchestra members sat near the back of the hall, and watched the other three orchestras preform. my favorite was the Junior Philharmonic.

The Math In music

I composed a piece of music for the violin that could be played forwards and backwards.  This is called symmetry.  What inspired me?  I heard about a  piece  by J.S Bach called the Crab Canon.    One of the things  that  is  symmetrical  is  a  circle.

Youth Orchestra

I got into the youth orchestra!

My Stings Camp

In the strings camp, in the first hour, we play together, and in the second hour, we have separate practice time.    It really goes three hours.    And  they  have  a  snack time  too!  It’s  there  for  two weeks, and  we  have  a  concert  at  the  end.    My  favorite songs are  Ode  To  Joy  and  Bile  Them  Cabbage  Down.