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Acrostic Poem: VOLCANOS

Volcanic ash, and

Oh what destruction!

Loud and proud,

Causing devastation.

As I thought,

Never is it friendly.

Ocean, even ocean!,

So much can’t calm it.


My Sanibel vacation

Sanibel Sunset
At my Sanibel vacation,

  1. I caught my first fish. It was a Spanish Mackerel. It tasted terrific!!
  2. Swimming at the beach.
  3. I watched the sunset on the beach.

The thing that I liked the best was swimming with Dad.

I wrote a haiku to express my thoughts about Sanibel.

Sanibel Haiku

sanibel is fun

I love the warm gulf water

I hope to come back.

If I Were a Piece of Grass

If I were a piece of grass, I would be a thin slit sittin’.
Bunny at the cabin

My Favorite poem of blue

Blue is the complete color of love, as though it were the color of a dove.

Blue is the sky, and the sea, only if your feeling like me.  It tastes like happiness.

It  smells like olive oil, and it sounds like a cool breeze.  Blue is so, so loyal.