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Honor Steve

Steve Jobs was a visionary like none other.  He was the man behind the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other mobile wonders.  And we lost him last night at the age of 56.  He was a good man, and “The world has lost an amazing human being.” – Tim Cook.  This tragedy has hit me hard, as no one can ever be like him.  Apple computers are like no other computer because they have lots of downloadable apps on the App store. I make stop-motion videos with my computer, Jessica.  Apple computers have beautiful interfaces that no other computers have.  Also, I use the little mobile devices for lots of things, like YouTube, internet, and games.  You can even attach a pocket microscope to the iPod touch and take pictures with it!

Oh, and one more thing.

In honor of Steve, we should never look down upon Apple, for even though it can never be the same company without him, he started a legacy that will always be remembered.  Thank you, Steve, for imagining devices that kids love so much.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” -Steven Paul Jobs