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My Youngzine Article

I wrote an article on youngzine about how kids can share big ideas with the world through a platform called TEDxYouth.  TEDxYouth is an annual conference where kids, no matter how old, can share their ideas and help create the big picture.  


Old Tech vs New Tech

Let me tell you a story…

a couple of months ago, I was going yard sale hunting when I came across an old rotary phone.  I immediately got very exited, since I had been wanting one for a long time.  I like old technology like this because it’s unusual.  This leads us to the subject of old tech vs new tech.  

Old tech                                                                 New tech

Large, loud, heavy                                                   Light, quiet, small

Old camera ran on film                                                  Digital camera has a Memory chip

Rotary phone could only call and receive calls          iPhone can do almost anything

Typewriters could only type                                     Computer can type and alot of other things

in other words, new technology has a lot of advantages over old technology, for example, :

The iPhone can go on the internet, watch videos, take pictures and videos and make calls.  a computer can do the same.  Digital cameras can take pictures and video, and the pictures don’t have to be developed.

Old technology had it’s limits, but without old technology, new technology would never exist.  After all, old technology inspired new technology.

Lord of the Flies : A Book Review

It is no ordinary book.  It isn’t a book for beginners.  Lord of the Flies is a book about human nature, and the potential for both good, and evil inside us.  The book starts when a group         of english school boys are being evacuated because of a nuclear war and their plane is shot down.  Their plane crashes on a tropical island, a Paradise if you will.  A paradise where there are no grownups, teachers, bullies.  A paradise where they can play without supervision until they are rescued.  But will They be rescued?  That is where an older boy named Ralph is elected leader of the boys.  But when Ralph is elected chief, and starts giving out orders to make a signal fire, another boy named Jack gets more and more jealous of Ralph.  Eventually Jack goes to the opposite end of the island, and forms his own tribe.  This “tribe” of Jack’s however becomes more and more cruel, and they start hunting the wild pigs that live on the island.  eventually two of the kids on the island are killed by Jack’s regime, and they try to kill Ralph.  The book is basically a response to another book called “The Coral Island, by R. M. Ballantyne which is in a similar setting, except in that book the school boys did the right thing.  The book Lord of the Flies is a response saying : no, man is not inherently good, man is inherently evil.  Two other very important characters in the book are Simon and Piggy.  Simon represents goodness, and is in some ways a prophet, and Piggy represents reason, and intellect.  Jack represents the potential for evil inside us, and ralph represents democracy.  Some of the important themes in this book are : good vs evil, betrayal, and loss of innocence.   This book is an allegory, on one side it has a story, but on the other side there is a lesson about human nature.

A Separate Peace, by John Knowles : a Book Review

The underlying themes in this book are important ones.  The themes of the book that are woven through the fabric of the story include jealousy, betrayal, loss of innocence and friendship.  The plot of the book is about a bunch of ordinary kids at a boarding school.  It starts with one of the kids, Gene, coming back to his school, Devon, as an older man.  He comes to the tree he remembers so well from his youth and has a flashback.  It starts with the kids all gathered around the tree.  “You know what I like about this tree?”  is the opening line of the flashback, which is said by Phineas, Gene’s friend.  The relationship between Phineas and Gene changes throughout the story as events unfold, and a kangaroo trial is held for Gene by the other kids in the school.  The story winds in and out of Devon as it goes along.  All of the kids are talking about enlisting in the army (the story takes place during World War II) and an incident between the boys at the school starts out as tiny as an ant and ends up being a very dark misfortune.  The book is like an onion.  There is a story, but there are also layers beneath the main story that are just waiting to be discovered.

HOLES (Wrtten By Louis Sachar)

This book is mostly about a camp (and a not-so-fun camp) called Camp Green Lake.  It’s not really a camp at all.  It’s like a sort of prison for bad kids.  They have to dig a hole each day, and that hole has to be five feet deep and wide.  Buuutttt… The main character is Stanley Yelnats, who was there because he was accused of a crime he had not committed.  So, he was innocent.  Even though the shoes he had been accused of stealing where used as proof, it turned out that some body else had really committed the crime of stealing the shoes.  Other readers will love this story, and treasure the humour in this book.  And if the reader has a good enough memory, he or she will find the end of the book amusingly ironic.  Happy reading!!!

Howl’s Moving Castle, By Diana Wynne Jones

This book is both intense, hysterical, weird and suprising.  It, for some ages, can bring tears, laughs, or even faces.  And there are even more books that Diana Wynne Jones wrote than there are J.K.Rowling books.  This book is about a girl named Sophie who is turned into an old woman by the witch of the waste, and  goes to live with the mystery man howl, who is only known by the king.  All the other people in the world think that he is evil, which you find out in the end of the book is not true.  I must congratulate Diana Wynne Jones for writing such a fantastic book. congratulations!!

Ft. Myers Fun

Will took this - Imaginarium in Ft. Meyers

Ever gone on a field trip where you watch the winter Olympics, go to the biggest playground, be in a suite hotel, and even go to a museum? Well, I’m sure you

haven’t. But now, I have. And now you can hear about it. Well, Mom had to go to one of her very many seminars. The first day was boring, but the next was awesome. I discovered the Imaginarium! there was a dinosaur exhibit! And the playground! It was full to the brim with fun things to do. I met a girl there named Chloe. Well, that’s simply, the end (of the trip.)