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The Danger Box: Blue Balliett’s Latest Adventure/Mystery

Zoomy was dropped off at his Grandparents’ house when he was three days old.  He had lived there ever since, in Three Oaks, a small town in Michigan.  Zoomy Chamberlain Lived in peace, until his severely alcoholic father showed up at the Chamberlain house.  He gave the Chamberlain family a box to sell in their store, and that’s where the story truly begins…

The Danger box is a suspenseful mystery novel.  The main hero of the book, Zoomy, is a twelve year old boy who has long, messy hair, is a fairly good detective, and is legaly blind.  Despite only being able to see a few inches from his nose with clarity, He sees the world much, much differently than the other kids in his neighborhood  and is very smart.  In fact, when he meets a girl named Lorrol, she nicknames him “Brain Boy”.  Although the mystery Zoomy and Lorrol solve takes center stage, the book is really about Charles Darwin’s life, secrets and how some people see the world differently than others.

When Zoomy’s s father left, Zoomy decided to go to the library to conduct some research into his father “Buckeye”, who he was, and whether he had done anything noteworthy.  What he had done was not exactly honorable.  He had stolen a truck from an antique dealer, and the box was in the truck at the time.  But after reading the book that was inside the box and discovering that it had something to do with Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle, Zoomy decided not to tell the police.

When Zoomy and Lorrol start to write a newspaper  about Darwin’s life called the Gas Gazette, you won’t be able to stop turning pages.  The suspenseful endings of each chapter will keep you reading.  Over all, The Danger Box is an immersive, interesting, And sometimes humorous story.