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Acrostic Poem: VOLCANOS

Volcanic ash, and

Oh what destruction!

Loud and proud,

Causing devastation.

As I thought,

Never is it friendly.

Ocean, even ocean!,

So much can’t calm it.


Interview with William Dyer clifford Jr.

by William Joseph Clifford

On January 3rd, I interviewed William Dyer Clifford as part of my home school assignment. The interview took place at his home in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

The first thing I asked him was, “what was your fathers name?” The answer he gave me was, ”William Dyer Clifford Sr.” Then I asked him what his  mom’ s  name was. The answer was, “Dorothy Elaine Clifford.”  After that I asked him where he grew up.  His answer was, “Winter Haven.”  “What was your first job?” I asked him.  His answer was, “Cutting grass at my dad’s office.”  “Did you move anywhere?” I asked him.  His answer was, “yes, Orlando.”

Finally came the question, do you like what you do.   “yes,  very much,” he  answered.  The person I interviewed was very intriguing.